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All Woman: Grace Jones

All WomanTamara Barkley

Hey Mausoleum Babes,

We’ve decided to go all in on Girl Power. Enough of this (so-called) man-powered world: we’re going to school you our fav industry girls, creative moguls, and power-house females who shake things up to reverberate change in society. 

We present a new series:

All Woman


Our first guest: Grace Jones


Um, Who?

Are you seriously asking this question? Jamaican-American Grace Jones is everything, literally: a musician, supermodel, actress, record producer, artist, activist. A boss.

Her uncontrollable spirit took her from the strict, rule-making environment of Jamaica to suburban Syracuse, to the model-infested streets of NYC, to the vivacious party life in Paris. She roomed with Jerry Hall and Jessica Lange before hitting nightclubs with Karl Lagerfeld. Grace’s entrance into the industry was one of the most distinct and incomparable: she forged an entirely new path for herself and her voice.

And why should we care?

Grace stands on the forefront of self-love with unashamed confidence. Everything she creates, whether it be her music, cinema, anything, is a reflection of her truest self. W Mag says that Grace “…makes even the most mundane moments come alive,” a skill not too many boast. She inhibits the most insane form of the ‘It Factor’: magnetic, unstoppable, history-making.

(She’s also banned from Disney World for an indecent public display of skin, something worth mentioning.)

Grace is definitely not a feminist by the books. We wouldn’t even label her a feminist (can we label her as anything though?) As she said in her W interview, “I’m more than a feminist. I believe we are stronger. Women are stronger.”

Something just as important to talk about: Grace Jones, the Queen of Gay Discos, stands as one of the most progressive figures in gender fluidity. For the LQBTQ community, Grace is a higher power. She bypassed the limits of gender. Some call her masculine, others feminine. But why does someone have to adhere so firmly to a gender or norm? In Grace’s mind, male and female can easily meld together.

She’s “a woman who was lithe, sexy, and hyper-feminine while also exuding a ribald, butch swagger.” (Pitchfork) Grace taught us to love every part of us that teeters from female to male because all of those parts make us who we are.   


How do we learn from her?

Be unashamed, confident, and embrace the abnormal things you think are too unusual.

Like Grace, let’s aspire beyond the labels. Let’s embrace what we stand for and be shameless in our showcasing of who we are.

Adhere to no rules, no, perceptions, and no restrictions.


The Barkleys X Mausoleum

PressTamara Barkley

Our favorite brother / sister duo The Barkleys, (made-up of our very own Tamara Marie Barkley and her brother Rufus Barkley,) present ‘Bad Girls Belong in Beverly Hills’. A short fashion film featuring some extra special Mausoleum pieces.

Hailey Wears: 1970’s Silk Haori Kimono w/ Embroidered Clouds, 1980’s White Wedding Dress from the Mausoleum Archive, and 1980's Norma Kamali Pinstripe Blazer

Video: Rufus Barkley | Styling: Tamara Marie Barkley | Hair: Darine Sengseevong | Make-Up: Nicolette Fernandez

We're with the Band: Black Sabbath

We're with the BandTamara Barkley

Welcome to We’re with the Band, Mausoleum’s blog series on your fave head-banging bands. We’re dedicating our first piece to the guys who sold their souls to Rock n’ Roll - Black Sabbath. Send our love to Ozzy <3

 Keep reading for all the VIP deets on the band that pioneered heavy metal.

 LINE-UP:  ·  Circa 1968: (principal members) Ozzy Osbourne, Terry Butler, Tony Ioomi, Bill Ward

 MOST RENOWNED SONGS: ·  Iron Man (Paranoid); War Pigs (Paranoid); Children of the Grave (Master of Reality); Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath)

THE NAME: ·  Polka Tuck Blues Company to Earth Blues Company to Earth to Black Sabbath (inspiration = the 1938 Mario Bava film playing near the band’s rehearsal space)

THE EFFECT: ·  Black Sabbath ushered in a completely distinct sound: demonic, high decibel and the opposite of what love-powered bands had created before. Sabbath’s music was the first to lyrically introduce themes of paranoia, drug abuse and war. Finally, heavy metal wasn’t tied to rock: it was its own thing.

THE STORIES: ·  Sabbath Bloody Sabbath was recorded in Clearwall Castle, a Gloucester fortress that was previously frequented by Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. According to the band, the ghosts don’t really like visitors. ·  Black Sabbath’s album covers continue to be some of the most unexplainable in music history. People are still trying to figure out the identity of the woman standing in front the Mapledurham Watermill on Black Sabbath. ·  In 1962, the band used its $62k album budget on $75k-worth of cocaine – delivered via private jet.

And the stories go on and on.

Black Sabbath’s apocalyptic fury single-handedly forged a new pathway in the industry. Legends are rare – and Black Sabbath’s mark on music is nothing short of irreplaceable. No other group has yet to mirror the force Sabbath birthed in 23 albums.

“No Sabbath, No Life.”

In honor of We’re with the Band, we’ve created our very first Spotify playlist (here’s the link). You know who’s featured first!

And as an added bonus, we have a little piece of Sabbath history in the form of our 1984 Black Sabbath Shirt w/ Swarovski Crystals

BTS | Collection I

Behind the ScenesTamara Barkley

For the Collection 1 Campaign, I wanted to model with my beautiful mama to show the special connection only a mother and daughter have. My dear friend and photographer Andres Burgos had us playing on the rooftop of his studio all day, and even climbing onto the neighbor's roofs to get the perfect shots. Mom was even quoted saying that if she had known it was going to be this crazy she probably wouldn't have come, but I think we all agreed that these truly special images were well worth the adventure. 

Special thanks to my whole team, friends, and incredible creatives Andres Burgos, Evanie Frausto, Ayaka Nihei and Lily Zhang for making this day amazing and my vision possible.

XX Tamara Marie Barkley